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My name is Beth Lynn Thompson, I purchased a spa from Leisure Spa Backyard Living in 2014.  We are delighted with the performance of the hot tub, quality of the customer service.  These are nice knowledgeable folks.  They seem to love what they are doing and really care, I am  consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank You for putting us in hot water
Beth LynnThompson

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Leisure Spa Backyard Living was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”
Charlie Davis

My wife and I purchased a hot tub from Leisure Spa Backyard Living at the State Fair.  We love our hot tub and use it
everyday.  I have a sore back from an old football injury.  The warm water and jets does wonders for my discomfort.  I can
sleep through the nights easier now. We put our trust in them and they didn't let us down. Its a great spa with powerful jets. Thanks Leisure Spa Backyard Living
Harry Jackson

We have had our spa now for 6 years works great  We enjoy stopping by the store for chemicals.  I recommend Leisure
Spa because they are there before and after the sale for you. They do business the old fashion way honesty and hard work.
Wayne Kelly

I wasn't sure about a hot tub at first.  I wondered would the family use it.  I'm glad we purchased it because we use it all
the time.  We live close to the store.  We got a great deal on the spa.  We have received great service.  Good Job Leisure Spa!
Thanks Casey Smith 

Purchased spa in 2015 it is running good.  We love to have the grand children come over and get in the spa with us.
We are making wonderful family memories.  Leisure Spa Backyard Living has been good to us.  Good people doing business the right way!
Ricky Wellington

We purchased a house with a spa already there.  However, we didn't know how to use the chemicals  Leisure Spa helped
us out and  spent time to explain how a hot tub works.  They taught us how to maintain the chemicals.  We stop in
the store every six month for supplies. Its always easy to work with Leisure Spa.
Jackie West

I found these people to be straight forward and honest.  Sometimes it isn't easy to find people you can trust. We purchased our spa here and have been relaxing in it every weekend at our cabin.  We feel great about our purchase and Leisure Spa.
Macy Carol James

My wife and I didn't want a large spa.  Something for just the two of us.  They listened to us and didn't try to push us into
something else.  The hot tub fits perfectly in our spot.  The delivery team was great, friendly, and professional.  It wasn't an easy delivery, but they knew how to get it into the planned location.  They came through for us.
Terry Winston

Leisure Spa Backyard Living was willing to take our old spa away when they brought the new one in.  This took the pressure away of getting rid of the old tub that was there when we purchased our home.  The ugly left and the new amazing spa is here in its place.  The lights are so wonderful to see at night.  The hot tub is amazing.  It was quick, easy, and fun. Delivery was done on a timely basis.  The professionalism they showed us and the integrity we experienced was far above almost any purchased we have made in a decade.  
Carol Jenkins

We can't say enough good things.  We had a very difficult delivery because of our fence.  They took their time and found an accessible and safe way to get the hot tub in.  We had a question on how to start the spa and the manager immediately called us back.  It was a good experience. The relaxation we receive in the spa is wonderful.                                                       Thanks to Leisure Spa Backyard Living
Jeff Dunn

In 2011, we purchased a hot tub from Leisure Spa Backyard Living.  It is running strong.  We are pleased with the product and the customer service.  We would recommend this store to you.  We checked around and found what we considered to be the best deal.  From the point of sale, through the delivery, and later one service call, we found the professionalism, care, and timely responses to be top notch.  We referred a friend.  They told us they had a great experience also. 
Frank Burns

We recommend Leisure Spa Backyard Living to our friends and relatives.  We love our hot tub.  It has been a great experience purchasing from this store.  The people are knowledgeable, friendly, sincere, and very professional.  
James and Linda Culver

Go to this place because you won't be disappointed.  We had fun buying our hot tub.  It has the juice as they say at Leisure Spa the jets are strong and relaxing.  I 'm a construction worker.  I look forward to coming home and getting into my spa after a hard days work.....As the sign says  at Leisure Spa, "Relax you have earned it".  I feel they listened to our needs and concerns and helped us pick out the right spa. It's been working fine for 6 years.  We had a good experience and would refer our friends here which we do when appropriate.  In one word our spa gives us relaxation.
Harold J.  Wilson

A family member referred us to Leisure Spa Backyard Living.  They did us a favor.  We got the best deal on a floor model.  Everyone was so nice, professional, and kind.  We recommend! Relaxation Relaxation Relaxation 
Jacob Jackson

I purchased hot tub in the years 2012 from Leisure Spa.  My family uses it everyday almost.  The hot tub is still working great.  The folks at Leisure Spa did a great job showing us the different models.  The delivery people were polite, knowledgeable, and respectful of our things.  Go Look Here For Your Spa!
Keith Brown

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